Liquid Alchemy Beverages - Wilmington DE

Terri and Jeff are extremely proud to have opened the doors to Liquid Alchemy Beverages on September 10, 2016, a historic date marking Delaware’s first Meadery & Cidery.  This wonderful adventure started very innocently in October of 2012 while on vacation in Portland, Maine. They stumbled upon the words “Lavender Lemonade Mead” at the bottom of a café chalkboard, and after a taste and tour of the nearby Maine Mead Works, knew they had found something very special.  Upon returning home they embarking  on a homebrewing quest for knowledge, one that eventually led to making a mead so good it won Grand Champion at the prestigious Texas Mead Cup annual competition. 

Terri and Jeff invite you to visit our tasting room and production facility located at 28 Brookside Drive, in southwest Wilmington – only 2.5 miles off I-95 and just off Maryland Avenue.  Experience locally sourced, whole fruit and spice, gluten free drinks that contain no artificial flavors or colors and source from the best quality resources we can find.  Come taste a special historic drink with a modern twist.  You will not “bee” disappointed!

Wilmington Brew Works - Wilmington de

Welcome to Wilmington Brew Works! We make traditional styles with innovative craftsmanship. Our brewery aims to offer a wide range of styles and rotate our products frequently.   Our specialty is variation and experimentation with frequent updates to our tap list.  The beer hunter in you will rejoice in the ever present opportunity to try something “new” in our family friendly local atmosphere.  Our offerings highlight all types of fermentation; so whether you enjoy a crisp clean lager, a hazy IPA, or a wild, funky, tart beer, we have what you seek. Cheers!

Bellefonte Brewing Company - Wilmington DE

Bellefonte Brewing Company plans to focus in two complementary areas. First, we are a Nano Brewery and tap room with sixteen regular production beers. Our success will depend on our ability to cultivate relationships, create atmosphere, and produce a high quality product with consistency.

Argilla Brewing Company - Newark de

Pietro’s Pizza first opened as a small take-out pizza place in Prices Corner in May of 1978. After years of running multiple locations, we finally settled in Pike Creek where we stayed for over 20 years. Then after dabbling in Home brewing for several years we decided to combine our love of handcrafted beer with our love of pizza. So we moved to our current location where we have installed a 1.5 barrel brewery on site. We’re just as passionate about our beer as our food. Cheers!! 

Dew Point Brewing Company - Yorklyn de

Alexa Hoffman became interested in craft brewing while in college at the University of South Carolina in 2008. As her father John was a chemist, she thought that asking for a home brew kit for Christmas would be a fun activity for her and her family. Alexa didn’t realize it would one day turn into a family business. Her brother, Cody Hoffman, who was 16 years old, would catch the bug while helping his father brew beer with the home brewing kit. Two years later he ultimately found a place at Triumph Brewing, then with Twin Lakes Brewing Company, and then 8-months in brewing school in England. A few months after returning from England, his father had an idea…

In October 2013, after more than a year of searching for the right location for the brewery and tasting room, John came across a dilapidated building in the Garrett Snuff Mill complex, built in 1901. John instantly felt right at home because his family had lived near Yorklyn for the past 30 years. John thought about what they would need to run a successful business and he realized that he had everything that was needed in his own family. Cody would brew the beer, Georgiana, John’s wife, would run the business side and Alexa would be responsible for coordinating the brewery’s special events. John’s brother Fran is a custom carpenter by trade and could help bring the building back to life while John’s nephew, Nick Matarese, who owns his own creative firm in Wilmington, would be able to brand and promote the business. We invite our community to enjoy our Belgian-inspired beers and family atmosphere. Can't wait to see you there!

Twin Lakes Brewing Company - newport de

Twin Lakes is an American artisanal brewery preserving the art of brewing. 10 years ago a group of friends who shared a passion for home-brewing came together over their love of the craft, and decided to form a brewery that followed the time-honored methods of great brewing using only the best ingredients. We use only deep aquifer well-water, the finest grains, 100% whole-flower hops, and cultured yeast. Our Master Brewers adhere to traditional brewery methods by making beer that is steam brewed, gravity-fed, unfiltered and unpasteurized, to provide our customers with a truly delicious craft beer experience. Naturally brewed with a passion to be Fresh-Local-Delicious, at Twin Lakes we don’t make extreme beers, just extremely drinkable beers.

Midnight Oil Brewery - newark de

Midnight Oil Brewing Company had its beginnings when Mike Dunlap started brewing his own beer at home simply to save a few hard-earned dollars. When guests gathered at Mike’s home, they were quite impressed with what he created. And even when guests brought their own, they ended up drinking Mike’s home-brewed beer and leaving their commercially-purchased six-packs untouched and abandoned. Not long after, a hobby was transformed into a business.

Midnight Oil Brewing Company is dedicated to working hard and working late – we do it ourselves – to provide others who work hard and late with the most enjoyable, most refreshing and rewarding beers that we can create. Along with that dedication to workers and their families, Midnight Oil Brewing Company actively supports several local charities and groups including Extra Life, a community of gamers who raise funds for the Children’s Miracle Network and the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia .

Blue Earl Brewing -smyrna de

Delaware’s 7th microbrewery located in The Historic Town of Smyrna. The founder of our brewery Ronnie “Blue” Earl Price is a man of simple tastes, always on the hunt for great music, gourmet food, and exceptional craft beer. The simplicity of the blues had always drawn him in, the soulfulness, the earthiness of the style made him feel good inside. Barbecue is to food as blues is to music he would always say, nothing fast about the blues or barbecue, too fast with the blues and you lose the feeling, too fast with barbecue and, well, it just ain’t no good. Finding a good beer had always been a challenge. American beers had lost all their former goodness with mass production and mass marketing. They had lost the feeling. He decided that if it couldn’t be bought, he would have to brew it himself.

And so he did. For many years he tweaked his recipes and shared his brews with family and friends. Winning awards and praise among his friends and the home brewing community, his passion for brewing became an obsession, and that obsession turned into the desire to bring these wonderful libations to the public. It wasn’t easy getting started, but one by one the barriers have been brought down and we are now very proud to offer you, our friends and loyal fans, Blue Earl beers! Blue Earl produces Hoppy American Ales, Belgian Specialties, German Ales & Lagers, and an ever changing variety of seasonal offerings. Crafting Brew For Your Soul…one batch at a time!

Painted Stave Distilling - smyrna de

Painted Stave Distilling is located in the Old Smyrna Theater, a movie house first opened in downtown Smyrna in 1947. The theater was built by the Schwartz family along with sister buildings in Dover and Middletown. The Smyrna Theater was the last completed and was considered the most advanced theater in Delaware when it opened. Dwindling attendance in the 1970’s forced the theater to close, with the seats and projectors were sold off and the second floor was converted into offices, but many of the original fixtures were preserved in hopes that they would be used again someday.

Then in 2011, Painted Stave founders Ron and Mike first toured the building as they looked for a home for their distillery. In December of 2012, Ol Smyrna Theater LLC purchased the building, and the first floor (6,300 sqft) was leased to Painted Stave Distilling to house our production space, tasting room and event venue. Renovations on the building began in January 2013, and today the Old Smyrna Theater is alive again, playing a new role in crafting premium local spirits in beautiful downtown Smyrna.